En relisant les Évangiles

En relisant les Évangiles

    • Édition de : Véronique Loiseleur
  • Les Chemins de la Sagesse
  • Paru le 13/11/1990
  • Genre : Essais et documents
  • 312 pages - 140 x 204 mm
  • EAN : 9782710304241
  • ISBN : 9782710304241

Foreign Rights

En relisant les Évangiles

Rights sold
Spain (Tritoma)

Arnaud Desjardins (1925-2011), began his career as filmmaker for French television. His highly acclaimed documentaries led him to Japan and India where he recorded the lives and teachings of great men and women sages. 

In 1965, Desjardins met Swâmi Prajnânpad whom he accepted as his teacher. He worked with him until his death in 1974. Since then,  Arnaud Desjardins has been serving as a guide and teacher for thousands of men and women from all walks of life, in both France and other European countries. He is a highly respected figure, regarded as a sage by a large public as well as by Eastern masters and spiritual authorities such as the Dalai Lama. 

Desjardins is the author of dozens of books, all dealing with a simple, straightforward approach to life.  Drawing heavily from his own personal experience and years of study in both Eastern and Western spiritual and religious traditions, Desjardins presents a synthesis which is soundly based in psychology, but goes way beyond the limitations of that discipline to include the pristine essence of the human spirit.

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