Anarchie et christianisme

Anarchie et christianisme

Nouvelle édition en 2018

On assimile généralement le christianisme au conservatisme social et politique et le fait est que les Églises ont toutes collaboré avec les pouvoirs en place, depuis l'empereur Constantin jusqu'au clergé orthodoxe sous Staline.
Pourtant, Jacques Ellul montre, textes bibliques à l'appui, que le christianisme, envisagé dans son rapport à la politique, dispose à l'insoumission, à la dissidence, à la récusation même de tout pouvoir, de toute hiérarchie.
La parution de ce livre violemment iconoclaste s'inscrit dans la nécessaire redécouverte du philosophe, sociologue, politologue et théologien le plus fécond de notre époque. Jacques Ellul bouscule, blasphème et prend à revers, comme à son habitude, toutes les idées reçues.
  • La petite vermillon (n° 96)
  • Paru le 07/06/2018
  • Genres : Essais et documents - La Petite Vermillon
  • 160 pages - 108 x 178 mm
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  • ISBN : 9782710388234

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Anarchy and Christianity

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Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, history, and exposition in this analysis of the relationship between political anarchy and biblical faith. While he clarifies the views of each and how they can be related, his aim is not to proselytize either anarchists into Christianity or Christians into anarchy.

On the one hand, suggests Ellul, anarchists need to understand that much of their criticism of Christianity applies only to the form of religion that developed, not to biblical faith. Christians, on the other hand, need to look at the biblical texts and not reject anarchy as a political option, for it seems closest to biblical thinking.

After charting the background of his own interest in the subject, Ellul defines what he means by anarchy: the nonviolent repudiation of authority. He goes on to look at the Bible as the source of anarchy (in the sense of nondomination, not disorder), working through Old Testament history, Jesus' ministry, and finally the early church's view of power as reflected in the New Testament writings.

After a revelation that led him to Christianity and an intensive reading of Marx, Jacques Ellul studied law. He then devoted himself to reflection on the evolution of modern society. He noted the disappearance of rural life and the mechanization of man’s environment. He foresaw the magnitude of this ecological and social “great mutation”.

Considering that technique is the determining factor of modern society, he leads a critique of what he calls “technological tyranny”. He further analyses that technique self-increases, imposing its values of efficiency and technical progress, while denying man’s needs  and  culture as well as the nature.

Sociology is not his only field. His work is composed of theologian and historian output.  Some would also say that he is a philosopher, although he did not define himself as such. 

As a militant anarchist whose ideas are close to situationism, but also as a subtle commentator of Marxist thought and excesses, he was instrumental in the establishment of political ecology and reflections on Christian anarchism. He also wrote many theological works on the Gospel’s subversive and liberating aspects and on the “perversion” which the Christian revelation has suffered from. Some of his other works are thoughts on ethics and on hope.

Jacques Ellul can be considered as one of the fathers of the idea of rational economic decay and voluntary simplicity.

“Jacques Ellul, a true thinker” Royaliste

“A kind of clairvoyant who had already predict everything” Réforme

“His writings remained fiery, the prophet’s voice still resonates” La Croix

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